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Health and Wellness Resources

Jordan Family Education Center
We have some great resources at our Jordan Education Family Center which can include 10 weeks of free counseling for students by licensed clinical staff and a great variety of workshops and class offerings for students and parents. They are located at River’s Edge School, 319 West 11000 South, South Jordan, 801-565-7442.

Jordan Family Education Center Fall Quarter Classes 2022 (coming soon)

Jordan School District’s Health and Wellness Website
There is an amazing resource available to your families through our Jordan School District’s Health and Wellness website. This site can put you in touch with many helpful podcasts, articles and sources of assistance to meet the social and emotional needs of your students. Examples include a spreadsheet of local outpatient providers of mental health services and their specialties, ideas to reduce stress and anxiety, suicide prevention links, and assistance for students struggling with online learning.  

Safe Utah App
Another great tool is the Safe Utah App. You and your students can download it on your phones for free.  They have a confidential chat line that can put you in touch with a crisis counselor also free of charge. 

Feel free to contact Oquirrh Elementary School, 801-565-7474 and ask for a member of the wellness team, Ryan Griffin our SEL Coach, Alethia Harrison our Psychologist, or Vicki Robinson our School Social Worker, for further information about any of the above resources. We can meet with your students individually for counseling whether they attend in class or online. We can also put you in touch with someone who can coordinate outpatient services when needed through our Mental Health Access Program. Funds are available for those who do not have insurance or cannot afford the copay.   

Ryan Griffin,
SEL Coach

Alethia Harrison,

Vicki Robinson,
Social Worker