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Computer Lab/Kid’s Learning Links

Dear Parents: Welcome to Oquirrh Elementary Mountain Man Computer Lab Page. This site has been created to provide learning and fun games for the students at Oquirrh Elementary. Through this website, they will be able to access sites that we have used in the Computer Lab to teach them core, grade level information, and sites full of fun learning games. We have also included sites full of resources for homework and encyclopedia type information. Jordan School District and Oquirrh Elementary School cannot be responsible for information found on other websites. We have tried to only put sites in with the smallest amount of pop-ups. As we find new and interesting places for your kids to go to we will add them to the pages of the grades for which we feel they are appropriate. If you find sites you would like added to our list, e-mail them to Peggy Paynter.

If you have a child attending Oquirrh and have not sent in an internet permission form for him/her, click on "Internet Permission Form" below, print it out, and send the completed form to the school.

We are also including a link to Internet Safety training that both parents and students should look at together. There is so much fun, but also danger on the Web, and the more you discuss it with your kids the safer they will be. teaches the students in a fun way, how to stay safe while utilizing the Web. There are many presentations in the site geared to the age of each student.

Internet Permission Form

The above link connects you to the internet permission form. You can print it out, and fill it in, and have your child return it to the school.

Every child needs one to be allowed on the Internet at Oquirrh.

Internet Safety



Our school library now has information on student access to 9,000 ebooks:
PebbleGo: Visit
and click "Sign In"
Username: engaged
Password: learning

Capstone Interactive eBooks: 
and click "Log In"
Username: continue
Password: reading

Learning Links (click on a specific grade level below)

To work on your Google Classroom projects at home click on your browser on your computer. Type in the address bar. A box will appear to type in your google login. (If it shows a list of family members, click on "Use another account.").
Type in your google login:  __________________
Your lunch number is your password.